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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

B.O.B. feat Andre 3000 Play the Guitar

Heat (2 Game Assessment)

After watching the first 2 games of the 2011-2012 season 2 things stick out to me. 1) Damn we look good! 2) Why cant we hold a big lead? It's painfully obvious the Heat struggle with zone defenses so I'm sure we will see a heavy dose of that as the season progresses. However, I have yet to see the defense the Heat played in the playoffs last years so that's a good sign b/c they have forced tons of turnovers and taken care of the boards although undersized. Mario Chalmers should be happy he got a new contract before the start of the season b/c Norris Cole is clearly out playing him. All in all 2-0 is the record with another game on the schedule for us tonight. #goHeat and s/o to Kobe.

P.S. read the caption...

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Attention Starved (lyrics)

Partying and break ups/
Dont forget to give glory to God on Monday morning wake ups/
I swear its crack in every log in that was made up/
Cuz every day u back to read what posts came up/
Hey girl, your world, goes around, their world/
What they think, bout u is absurd, but u care, ten fold/
So here goes, the outcome, of how come, you do that/
Lookin, for likes and comments on yo stat-us/
On yo last pic, cuz yo ass is/
Insecure about what you see on yo compact/
She's bothered that, her father's absence/
Makes her crave attention to fulfill what she's lackin/
A shame what done happened self esteem declining/
Baby dont feel shit, (a) shame to see her miming/
Angrily she hates him but blames it on her mama/
Craving the attention she cant get it from her father/

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tia London - Love Junkie LP

Tia London! This is one of the artists that I'm really diggin at the moment. She dropped a 12 track, FREE LP, all produced by the Legendary Traxter and I do think its worth your time. Check it out if you are tired of the indistinguishable music that floods your ear canals daily...

Andre 3000


Monday, November 14, 2011

the Best (Bankrupt)

It's only right to have a picture of my favorite stripper, Diamond if I'm talking about a stripper, right? LOL
They say sex sells/
But as sexy as you are I wonder whats your price tag darling/
I'll write checks hell.../
What's money if it keep you dancing/
What's money if we start romancing/
So i keep comin out my pocket its like i feel compelled/
With the way we gelled/
I know u using me but fuck it, i dont give a damn/
Here's for another lap dance/
Outbidding others with cash/
I'll give it to u all night in exchange for just one lil grab/

Strip, strip, take it off, pick it up/
Girl u gettin money and i see what its from/
You got me fillin bankrupt, aint the somethin/
The way u gettin money outta me like a atm machine/
And all im sayin is take it/
You got me sayin just take it/
Cuz the way u move when u naked/
Is somethin else/
Girl u gettin money and its because u the best/

verse 2
Fallin for u so hard, got me goin "oh God"/
Can i get u in the champagne room at no charge/
I been here for so long/
I feel like drake cuz i'm so far gone/
I feel i aint ever gon leave this club/
The way u work the pole and wind and roll/
Got my wallet open like it dont know, how to close/
Fellas i am warning you to watch out for this lady/
Cuz if u run into her she gon get u for ur paper/

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Down (lyrics)

verse 1
She in need of a trip/
Vacation's long over due/
If she doesnt slip soon/
She just might slit you/
She's wound up like a coil/
She lookin for the real thing aint lookin for her toy/
She scared to call her new guy/
Cuz she dont wanna end up lookin like a whore/
Enter me, i paid my entrance fee/
We been at this for awhile we got history/
Finishing, is what was said last time/
We took a vow that the last time was the last time/
I guess that was just half time/
Cuz now she wanna grab mine/
So baby here we go again/
This the last time i guess we gon pretend/

She said she wanna fall down/
She said she wanna fall down on me/
Its slippery when wet so she slipped/
And she fell, in my bed/

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Me vs. Inspiration

In search of inspiration
Oh where are you today
Everyday is a constant struggle between you and I
Back and forth, tug of war
Monday i was defeated but Tuesday i was the victor
How you like me now?
Wish I could capture you for more than glimpses of a time
Then again, maybe I would get used to you if I had you at my leisure
That's not what I want...
Maybe this ongoing clash is the perfect elixir that's needed to create
Maybe this everlasting battle plays devil's advocate to my imaginativeness
Whatever the case, its time for the next round of this heavyweight bout
The alarm clock rings the bell and we touch gloves

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madden NFL 12 (Jets Season)

It is no secret that I love video games. I am primarily an off line franchise mode player when it comes to Madden but it is like real life to me. Last season I played with the Vikings and won the Super Bowl. For this year's campaign I decided to be the Jets. Currently, I'm 2-3 after a Tom Brady (Jesus-like) comeback effort he put on me last night.

This guy throws a 83 yard touchdown pass last night with 1 minute to go in the game. Really?? Like, in real life??? Keep in mind, I had been ahead the whole game. Mark Sanchez must be a mixture of Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman on this year's Madden b/c I have more ints than TD passes. I can not even begin to express the level of "pissed off-ness" I was at last night! It's times like that, that can lead to xbox controllers being broken! I ended up losing 28-32. Shonn Greene had over 100 yards rushing and LT had a good game catching the ball out of the backfield for me. Plax and Santonio didnt do jack shit for me!!! In fact, Holmes dropped a wide open, 3rd down pass that would have kept the Pats offense off of the field so that Tom Brady couldn't play Jesus... Smh...

I'll keep y'all posted on this Jets season after my next few games.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Omen - Liberation

"Liberation" is the official first single from Omen's highly anticipated project entitled "Afraid of Heights" mixtape that drops 10/31/11.

Please do yourself a favor and get in tune if you don't know how ill he is!!!

Omen "Terminal O" Music Video Directed Impakt Studio's Chris & Blaq from IMPAKT STUDIO/Chris & Blaq on Vimeo.

New Artists & Projects!!!

In addition to working on my new album, documentary, and shooting more videos for the HeartBeat album, I am happy to announce that I will be involved with these artists (Justin Ruff, Rae Winters, Younique Semyhr, and Implicit) on their upcoming projects. The goal of ILLwrite Music is to create dope music that captures and touches the listeners imagination and heart as well as entertain. I aim to share that aspiration, music knowledge and ability to create music with these artists. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for me musically!

Check them out!

Justin Ruff

Rae Winters

Younique SemyhR


Monday, October 24, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

Malbum (mixtape + album) Cancelled

Up until very recently, I had been recording like I was 2Pac or somebody. Every night I was recording something new and every song was doper than the last. Since I am not ready to move into a new album yet (HeartBeat has more videos to come!) I thought about giving yall a mini project for the time being b/c the music was very dope and deserved to be heard. After going back and forth on the idea of putting out a mixtape (I hate mixtapes... I think it has been overdone and over saturated) I settled on the idea of putting out a "malbum". A malbum is a fuse between a mixtape and album and it was an original concept that was given life when Project: Fr3sh began to work on one. I backed off of that b/c I want to give y'all dope music that I can aggressively market and I didn't feel I could do that with more planned videos for the HeartBeat album. So if you have been fiending for some new Penn music, just know that "PPP"(I'll explain the acronym later) is coming sometime in 2012. Until then, enjoy "GoodBye" which was intended for PPP.

Positive Thought 10/24/11

Don't live in the past, thinking about mistakes or changes you made. Think of your life as a book, move forward, close one chapter and open another. Learn from your mistakes, but focus on your future, not on your past.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm tired of this NBA lockout and I can not believe they let it come to this point. The NBA experienced a resurgence in interest last year for whatever reason (mainly people wanted to see the Heat lose)and they are pissing that down the side of their leg right now! I do side with the players b/c they make the league. Nobody is coming to an NBA game to see the owners or what nice arenas you have. I think the owners need to give a little more than they are b/c after all, you don't have anything if you don't have the players. But hey... those are just my thoughts...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

J. Cole - Cole World: The Sideline Story (The Penn Review)

I wasn't going to review this album because I feel as though I am jaded being a J. Cole fan so that may obscure my ability to be objective. After sitting with the album a week I can say there are things that I don't like about the album. The things that I dont like are not very many and are a far and few between.

Dollar and a Dream III set the tone for the album. I love when Cole spits them heartfelt raps that I can personally relate to. I was feeling "Can't Get Enough" although when I first heard it, I didn't really think that was Trey Songz on the hook because he came with a different sound that we are used to from him. I do feel that this was a blatant attempt at a radio single that may have originally took Cole out of his element but I think he pulled it off well. "Sideline Story" put me in the mindset of something I would ride to or skip depending on my mood that day. "Mr. Nice Watch" was just 'OK' to me. I definitely liked Cole's verses better than Jay-Z's effort. "Cole World" is one of my favorite joints on the album and has one of my favorite lines on the album. "Got a 150 bitches in the club starring at me, how that feel... VERY HAPPY" I LOVE THAT LINE! We've all heard "In the Morning" and "Lights Please" so I wont comment on those. "Lost Ones" had a good message but I skip it. One of my homegirls suggested that he should have had a girl rap the 2nd verse to convey the female point of view. "Nobody's Perfect" was my other favorite joint on the album. I loved his flow on the first verse and Missy put me in the mindset of Aaliyah on the hook (I think Cole was going for that cuz he loves Aaliyah like I do). "Never Told" was cool at best. I liked his flow but the song got boring after a while. "Rise and Shine" was classic Cole and it's dope... PERIOD! I don't dislike "God's Gift" but I dont like it either. It's just in the middle of the road for me. "Breakdown" and "Work Out" could have been left off of the album completely for my taste. These 2 songs brought the overall project down to me.

Overall, I loved the album and I suggest that music listeners in search of some good hip hop PURCHASE this album! Again, I will openly acknowledge that I'm a Cole fan so his music hits me differently than other stuff that I listen to so with that in mind... I rate Cole's debut album 4 out of 5.

Thoughts on Jeremih - Down on Me feat. 50 Cent

I dig Jeremih's music first and foremost. I actually purchased both of his albums to support the Chicago kid but I absolutely CAN NOT STAND THIS SONG! I recently read on the internet that Jeremih didn't like this song when they first recorded it either. I think the thing that shocks me the most is that this song is bigger than Birthday Sex. I don't even know how that is humanly possible being that anytime it was somebody's birthday, welp... queue Birthday Sex! But nonetheless. Shout out to Jeremih for staying relevant b/c I really thought he was going to be a one hit wonder.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Omen - Numb (preview)

S/O to the homeboy Omen on the keys giving us a preview of one of his "Afraid of Heights" songs. Look for the project to drop on Halloween!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tupac Back LOL (Ray-J)

Apparently, there was an incident between the two recently. Ray-J definitely went on a Tupac rant!

Monday, September 12, 2011

GoodBye (demo)

This was intended for my new project but somebody bought the beat before I did. This one hurt my soul that I couldn't use it for the new project but yall can take a listen and tell me what yall think about it.

Back For the Future

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Dream in the Studio

You can see how much post production is done on his vocals after he records but whatever. I fux wit him though!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pennjamin Bannekar Seeks Grammy

Penn's debut album has made it through to the 2nd round of voting for a Grammy Nomination and we wanted to share this great news with you! You can get Pennjamin Bannekar's HeartBeat on iTunes for only $4.99!!! If you would like a physical copy you can order it here for only $5 (physical copy order link >>>

Fresh off of opening for Elzhi at the Double Door in Chicago on 8/20, Penn will be performing with Mikkey Halsted at the Abbey Pub, also in Chicago, on 8/25 (tix>>> ) Opening for Bilal at the Double Door on 9/4 will be his next performance before traveling to L.A. to open for the hip hop legend, KRS-One on 10/28!

If you haven't had a chance to see the ILLwrite video on MTV, check it out here >>>

Get added to Penn's music emailing list & receive his HeartBeat Live album (w/ live band) for FREE! DM or inbox your email today!!!

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Watch the Throne (The Penn Review)

I knew that when this album dropped that it was no way it could be what I "wanted" it to be so with that in mind, I began listening to this album with no expectations. I loved the beat and hook on "No Church In the Wild" but there were parts in the song that lost me. They could have kept "Lift Off" b/c I wasnt feeling that one at all. I think "Ni**as in Paris" is my hands down favorite and I can easily see that joint gettin the most rotation in my iPod. Otis was a failure to me from the moment that it dropped a few weeks ago on the radio. I was feelin "Gotta Have It" while "New Day" and "That's My Bitch" didnt do anything for me. "Welcome to the Jungle" was a yawner for me as well but they got me back with "Who Gon Stop Me" and "Murder to Excellence". The last two joints appeared to be filler joints to me at first but I really felt what they were saying in "Made in America" and "Why I Love You".

Lyrically, Jay dropped a few gems that I had to run back and Kanye had a few clever lines but I think Kanye is crossing over into a lane where he entertains me as opposed to inspiring me these days. Overall I would give this album a 3.5/5.

P.S. I really bought this album off of iTunes lol

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Often Do You Listen?

With the advent of iPod taking over everything music related, it made me wonder how often do listeners listen to CDs these days? Being that the world is so digital now, do you still take the time to go to Best Buy and purchase a CD? Or are printing CDs a massive waste of time, money and resources?

Also, being that music is so easy to create, when an indie artist digitally sends you a song that you generally like, how often do you listen to it and in what manner? Do you burn it to a CD, add it to your iPod, or listen to it one time and never come back to it?

Pennjamin Bannekar - Vegas feat. Krystle S. (demo)

This is a sneak peek of something I have been working on for my next project #PPP. This beat was sold before I could buy it so unfortunately, it will not be on the next project. Feel free to enjoy it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skip (of WeLoose) Smoke Break 2 (The Penn Review)

First of all, money can rap! PERIOD! His flow was definitely on point throughout the mixtape and I found myself running a few lines back. I was feeling the Intro, Sunday Afternoon, Cloud Song (minus the singer), Skywalker, Kitchen Talk, and Circus (minus the feature). My hands down favorite was Kitchen Talk and the lyrics were right on the money. It also reminds me of a song that I would do and I'm kinda mad I didn't think to do it! (lol) The only knock I had on the mixtape was the smoker talk. I'm not a smoker so I cant relate to that portion of the program. Not that I have anything against smoking songs, I just thought there were more than enough reiterations of the topic.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a new artist to give a try, I definitely co-sign for Skip.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelly Rowland Here I Am (The Penn Review)

As I began listening to the Kelly Rowland's album I had to admit I was pulling for her to have a decent project. Correction, not decent, GOOD! The first track "I'm Dat Chick" was a complete miss to me. "Work It Man" was better but ok at best. I didn't hate it. I still dont see what the craze is over "Motivation" and even being a Lil Wayne fan didn't help me see the hype over that song. (His verse was sub par to me.) I was excited to hear the joint with Big Sean but yet that didn't do anything for me either. I was beginning to think I wasn't going to like anything on the album until I got to "Feeling Me Right Now". She got a lil kinky on that one so please pay attention to the words. I was diggin "All of the Night" even if it did have an Usher - Daddy's Home vibe to it. "Keep It Between Us" is easily my favorite joint on the album. She could have kept the 2 pop songs at the end of the album. I definitely didn't like those at all. Not even a little bit!

To recap, I liked 3 out of 10 songs. I did not like most of her uptempo songs with the exception of "Feeling Me Right Now". Bottom line, Kelly, you are better than what you released. I give her project a 1.5 out of 5.

Girls - Get Sexy

Feelin this joint a lot! I discovered this thanks to JR Bang on (@WindyCityUG). Follow him @jrbang and follow Girls @GIRLSmusic4u

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kelly Rowland - Make Believe

I was wondering how long she was going to ride on "Motivation". This one didnt move me but it might move you.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Yeezy Taught Me"

All I could think of when I saw this picture was the ending Chris Rock skit on "Blame Game". "Yeezy Taught Me..."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Do We Look Alike?

People keep telling me we look alike. I dont agree. What do you think?

Opening for Elzhi 8/20 in Chicago

I'm super honored to be opening up for Elzhi at the Double Door on 8/20! This is one of the emcees I look up to and to be able to share the same stage with homie is a blessing! I've been a fan of his since his Slum Village days and tried to pattern a part of my style after him. I'm hearing that tickets are starting at $15 in advance and $20 at the door but

I need to confirm that. Also, I'll be performing with a live band so if you missed the live show I put on with the band HD on April 1st, YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE! Get a FREE preview of how I get down with a live band below!

DOWNLOAD HeartBeat Live here for FREE

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lloyd feat. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne

Another good 3000 verse wasted on a bad song...

HeartBeat Unreleased

I recorded over 75+ songs and ideas for the HeartBeat album (which is available on iTunes & Amazon now) and I definitely have a few favorites that didn't make the album. I wanted to share a few with you and get your feedback on them. Check out "Call Me" feat. Fedarro.

Cole World

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beyonce 4 (The Penn Review)

I listened to the Beyonce 4 album and I was just hoping it wasn't wack. I do like Beyonce's music but my favorite Beyonce album is Dangerously in Love. Of the 12 songs on the album, I liked 1+1, I Care, Rather Die Young, Love on Top, and End of Time. Party was "ok" and I really want to like that song because my favorite rapper Andre 3000 is on it. Countdown will be a joint that ladies will love. I can see yall in the club goin HAM over that joint. I can see "Best Thing I Never Had" being a ladies anthem for all them ex's yall still got feelings for or whatever. B does seem to be suffering from a lil bit of the Mary J. Blige syndrome though... screaming too much. Overall, I do like this album better than Sasha Fierce b/c I only liked 5 songs out of 16 on that album. I would give it a 3.75 out of 5.

Is It Too Late (live)

Just gettin yall ready for the Is It Too Late video.

New Pennjamin Bannekar Music Pt. 2

Today concludes the 2nd part of the music that I recorded over the weekend. Check out the "Wake Up Call".

Monday, June 27, 2011

F1 2011

Yes, I'm looking forward to this game dropping on Xbox 360. I wish they would make an IndyCar game but I'll take what I can get. EA stopped making Nascar so I couldnt even turn to that for some video game racing.

New Pennjamin Bannekar Music Pt. 1

Just some new stuff I recorded this weekend. Gotta stay sharp! This is a 2 part series so stay tuned for tomorrow's joint as well.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Air Jordan 14

In October, Jordan Brand will release a new colorway of the Air Jordan XIV in Light Graphite, Midnight Navy, and Black. It should remind you of previous Air Jordan colorways, like the OG Air Jordan XIII Flint and Air Jordan XIII Low in Black/Navy. We’ve got a new set of images for you below courtesy of air-randyhk, so check ‘em out and let us know if these are a must-have for you.

Drake - Trust Issues

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life Goes On, Apparently...

I know you can't dwell on things too long and at the end of the day its just a game... But FUCK THAT! This picture pisses me off! This is exactly why I didn't watch ESPN for a week and a half after the Heat lost. I don't want to see you out having fun and enjoying life by going to fashion shows in Milan! I want to be oblivious to you having any concerns outside of what you need to do for next year so we (the Heat) don't fall apart in the NBA Finals again. I want to think you are in the gym working on your mid range game, 3 point shoot, and free throws! DWade is my boy but damn... this just put me into another category of "pissed offness"!

Melo don't care about playing defense anyway so it's ok for him to go kick it. I want the competition to be slippin but I don't want my team to slip AT ALL!

My mood: "disgusted"

Monday, June 20, 2011

Return to the World Wide Leader in Sports

Today I will officially make my return to watching ESPN, listening to ESPN Radio and visiting I had to shield myself from all of the post NBA Finals talk. It was not because I didn't want to hear what analyst had to say about the Heat but it was more so geared to I didn't want to hear anything that the Heat players (my teammates) had to say about the loss. Honestly, I think there were a lot of bitch made statements made by them and I just didn't care to hear that. To me, there are no excuses. We lost and its just one to grow on. Come back harder next year and that's all that's to say.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Real Life??? Really???

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is livid over a racist web ad released by the ultra conservative Turn Right USA PAC.

The ad is directed at Democratic candidate for Congress Janice Hahn and her support of program to pay reformed former gang members in her Los Angeles district to act as “gang intervention specialists.”

In the video, gun-toting black actors declare, “Give me your cash, b*tch, so we can shoot up the streets.” while tipping a scantly dressed woman projected to be Janice Hahn.

Even GOP candidate Craig Huey, has said he wants no part of the ad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the Rock vs Hogan

I used to be a wrestling head but not so much these days. But I loved this match!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Pennjamin Bannekar album #HeartBeat is on iTunes <<< GO GET IT NOW!!!