Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Attention Starved (lyrics)

Partying and break ups/
Dont forget to give glory to God on Monday morning wake ups/
I swear its crack in every log in that was made up/
Cuz every day u back to read what posts came up/
Hey girl, your world, goes around, their world/
What they think, bout u is absurd, but u care, ten fold/
So here goes, the outcome, of how come, you do that/
Lookin, for likes and comments on yo stat-us/
On yo last pic, cuz yo ass is/
Insecure about what you see on yo compact/
She's bothered that, her father's absence/
Makes her crave attention to fulfill what she's lackin/
A shame what done happened self esteem declining/
Baby dont feel shit, (a) shame to see her miming/
Angrily she hates him but blames it on her mama/
Craving the attention she cant get it from her father/

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