Monday, December 20, 2010

No Shows at the Show???

I am not that diluted of a person to think that everyone will be at every single show that I do at this point of my career. So please don't take this post as me being an overly sensitive prick. It bothers me that people tell me before the show that they are coming and then don't show up for the performance. Then after the show, they hit me up and say one or all of these three things.

  1. How was the show?

  2. Sorry I didn't make the show (insert reason here)...

  3. When is your next show, I'll be at that one.

It's not even funny anymore how I can predict what people are going to say to me the day after the show. I have no problem with people telling me that they cant make the show when I make it known I have a gig coming up. I have no problem with people not coming. But the comments after you don't show up bother me. Again I'm not saying this to be an asshole, but put yourself in my position for a second.

Show after show you are greeted by the same 3 general responses. Show after show people have last minute reasons why they couldn't come. It is not like it's a one time occurrence. You have at least 10-15 people putting you through the same song and dance after every show. It gets redundant and annoying and I know you would feel like me after years and years of the same exposure.

So to combat all of that, I just respond with "you had to be there" when people ask me how the show went. Especially, towards people that told me that they were coming. My homegirl Ajae said something profound to me about this subject. She said "people always want to support you from a distance ("how was the show?" or"I'mma try to come to your shows one day") when you're trying to come up but want front row seats to your success."

Jump aboard now before its too late...

I Love You Music

This is just one of the reasons I love music so much. Music is so much more than just words.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Michael Album

I am one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans out there but I am not happy about this new "Michael" album. I feel like the threw his vocals on a few songs and put this album out trying to make a profit. I was watching Oprah when Teddy Riley and Eddie Cascio, some of the featured producers on the album were on, and Oprah asked them directly do you think Michael would have wanted this project to come out. They danced and pranced around the question. At that moment I knew this was something that was thrown together to make a profit and for a fan of Mike, I will probably have a hard time listening without bias.

STFU Sometime

This commercial makes me laugh and touches home all at the same time. Black women always wanna point out some flaws but then they dont like it when you flip the script on em. Not all black women are like that but a lot of the ones I know are... So from me and State Farm, STFU sometime LOL

Monday, December 13, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapse

This could have been a disaster if this would have happened on gameday instead of the day before. Can you imagine if players would have been on the field what would have happened? Nonetheless, I think its a fun video to watch. The Vikings have been wanting a new stadium for a while now and mother nature may have given them the person excuse to get one now.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Heating Up

During the first few weeks of the season everybody wanted to give me hell about my boys not performing well. I'll admit, I deserved it cuz I sold a lot of wolf tickets this summer but I understood it would take them a lil minute to get rolling. But low and behold they've won 6 in a row and DWade and Bron are starting to roll. So I just wanted to take the time to ask, where are all the naysayers and comment makers now? Like I've been saying all year, it's a 82 game season and you are really only judged in the spring. But I do have a big grin on my faced aimed in the direction of you folks who made early season comments...

Anyway, I got a flight to catch. We play Golden State Friday. Peace. lol

J. Cole featuring Omen

I've always given credit to Omen for helping me in my career to get better so it makes me feel good to see him doing his thing on the road with J. Cole (who I'm also a fan of.) Check out them performing "Enchanted" which can be found on Cole's latest mixtape "Friday Night Lights".

Monday, December 6, 2010

ILLwrite Video Shoot

On Saturday I shot the video for ILLwrite and I think I did a good job for my first video. I thought that I would feel odd with the camera in my face all day but I really didn't notice it all. It actually made me think about doing a lil acting (maybe down the road). It was definitely cold as hell out there shooting but nobody said shooting a video in December would be pretty. I think the scenes that we shot at the Drake hotel will really add to the concept of the video. There were a few shots that I kind of made up on the spot while we were at the Drake Hotel with the assistance of the director that were pretty fun to do. I really just tried to give the camera things to work with and not come off flat and I feel confident about the job I did. Shout out to Cutta, Nate, Sauce, Mike, Julian, Joey, Rach, Keia for their assistance. A homeless man on the street called me "Pretty Tony" cuz of my outfit. That was hilarious! I wish I had that on video lol. I personally cant wait til the finished product and I hope that y'all enjoy it.