Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Down (lyrics)

verse 1
She in need of a trip/
Vacation's long over due/
If she doesnt slip soon/
She just might slit you/
She's wound up like a coil/
She lookin for the real thing aint lookin for her toy/
She scared to call her new guy/
Cuz she dont wanna end up lookin like a whore/
Enter me, i paid my entrance fee/
We been at this for awhile we got history/
Finishing, is what was said last time/
We took a vow that the last time was the last time/
I guess that was just half time/
Cuz now she wanna grab mine/
So baby here we go again/
This the last time i guess we gon pretend/

She said she wanna fall down/
She said she wanna fall down on me/
Its slippery when wet so she slipped/
And she fell, in my bed/

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