Monday, October 24, 2011

Malbum (mixtape + album) Cancelled

Up until very recently, I had been recording like I was 2Pac or somebody. Every night I was recording something new and every song was doper than the last. Since I am not ready to move into a new album yet (HeartBeat has more videos to come!) I thought about giving yall a mini project for the time being b/c the music was very dope and deserved to be heard. After going back and forth on the idea of putting out a mixtape (I hate mixtapes... I think it has been overdone and over saturated) I settled on the idea of putting out a "malbum". A malbum is a fuse between a mixtape and album and it was an original concept that was given life when Project: Fr3sh began to work on one. I backed off of that b/c I want to give y'all dope music that I can aggressively market and I didn't feel I could do that with more planned videos for the HeartBeat album. So if you have been fiending for some new Penn music, just know that "PPP"(I'll explain the acronym later) is coming sometime in 2012. Until then, enjoy "GoodBye" which was intended for PPP.

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