Monday, November 28, 2011

Tia London - Love Junkie LP

Tia London! This is one of the artists that I'm really diggin at the moment. She dropped a 12 track, FREE LP, all produced by the Legendary Traxter and I do think its worth your time. Check it out if you are tired of the indistinguishable music that floods your ear canals daily...

Andre 3000


Monday, November 14, 2011

the Best (Bankrupt)

It's only right to have a picture of my favorite stripper, Diamond if I'm talking about a stripper, right? LOL
They say sex sells/
But as sexy as you are I wonder whats your price tag darling/
I'll write checks hell.../
What's money if it keep you dancing/
What's money if we start romancing/
So i keep comin out my pocket its like i feel compelled/
With the way we gelled/
I know u using me but fuck it, i dont give a damn/
Here's for another lap dance/
Outbidding others with cash/
I'll give it to u all night in exchange for just one lil grab/

Strip, strip, take it off, pick it up/
Girl u gettin money and i see what its from/
You got me fillin bankrupt, aint the somethin/
The way u gettin money outta me like a atm machine/
And all im sayin is take it/
You got me sayin just take it/
Cuz the way u move when u naked/
Is somethin else/
Girl u gettin money and its because u the best/

verse 2
Fallin for u so hard, got me goin "oh God"/
Can i get u in the champagne room at no charge/
I been here for so long/
I feel like drake cuz i'm so far gone/
I feel i aint ever gon leave this club/
The way u work the pole and wind and roll/
Got my wallet open like it dont know, how to close/
Fellas i am warning you to watch out for this lady/
Cuz if u run into her she gon get u for ur paper/

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Down (lyrics)

verse 1
She in need of a trip/
Vacation's long over due/
If she doesnt slip soon/
She just might slit you/
She's wound up like a coil/
She lookin for the real thing aint lookin for her toy/
She scared to call her new guy/
Cuz she dont wanna end up lookin like a whore/
Enter me, i paid my entrance fee/
We been at this for awhile we got history/
Finishing, is what was said last time/
We took a vow that the last time was the last time/
I guess that was just half time/
Cuz now she wanna grab mine/
So baby here we go again/
This the last time i guess we gon pretend/

She said she wanna fall down/
She said she wanna fall down on me/
Its slippery when wet so she slipped/
And she fell, in my bed/

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Me vs. Inspiration

In search of inspiration
Oh where are you today
Everyday is a constant struggle between you and I
Back and forth, tug of war
Monday i was defeated but Tuesday i was the victor
How you like me now?
Wish I could capture you for more than glimpses of a time
Then again, maybe I would get used to you if I had you at my leisure
That's not what I want...
Maybe this ongoing clash is the perfect elixir that's needed to create
Maybe this everlasting battle plays devil's advocate to my imaginativeness
Whatever the case, its time for the next round of this heavyweight bout
The alarm clock rings the bell and we touch gloves