Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Balls and 2 Strikes

I know we are not supposed to judge people without their day in court but damn... I can't believe how hard this guy is goin to keep what seems like a lie going. I know it's "deny til you die" but Roger is taking it to the next level. They got syringes on you with your blood and DNA on it, not to mention people already dropped dime on you. I guess Roger is facing a full count on this one.

Meanwhile, Barry Bonds ain't never tested positive for shit or been in this kind of hot water. But he still doesn't get recognized as the Home Run King??? Really??? Furthermore, why is anybody in the steroid era getting in trouble for something that wasn't illegal when they was doing it??

Man, I love the Yankees but baseball as a business ain't shit. That's why they will never be America's past time again. That belongs to football...

Monday, August 30, 2010

In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it last night, I took to my twitter to vent/explain my upcoming album HeartBeat.

"But back to what I was sayin. The next topic was the album... I put a lot of time and effort into this album and I really dug to get past the surface. I didn't want to create a typical rap album. Meaning I didn't wanna talk about money hoes and cars. I wanted 2 show ppl who I really was & what makes me tick. So when I talk about $ I'm talkin about being broke & trying to better myself. I wanna get $ to improve my situation. I'm having a hella time with my BM right now & the only way to fix that situation is with money. Cuz I wanna get a top notch lawyer to put on her ass. I aint tryna keep goin thru the BS she puts me thru. I wanna get $ cuz I know its gon help ppl like @BigNateWill who been strugglin tryin to help me achieve this dream. Hell, if it wasn't for @Duranj my album wouldn't even be possible! So I owe them more than a typical rap album. I owe them more than a project that ppl will skim thru & delete 4rm their ipod after 1 listen. I'm tellin yall. I been thru so many emotions, trials & tribulations while creating this album. I aint never felt this way about nothin b4. I seriously considered quittin after I was done with the album about a month ago. I mean, can u imagine walkin away from something u love after doing it day in and day out for about 10 years? I was at that point b/c my responsibilities are changing as I get older. And as a Dad you get to a point where you have to ask yourself... "When is it time to focus on taking the 'sure' way out to make sure they are taken care of?" Feelings like that spawned songs like "Is It Too Late" & "Dear Public". Then just examining what the music "buying" public listens to & comparing that to what my album is inspired "Kool Aid" & "Show Business". Every song on HeartBeat is a statement to my view on what I'm going thru and what I see and my struggle. Hell, I even got a verse on a joint called "ILLwrite" talkin about uninformed ppl who try and debate about Illuminati. Idk if yall saw my blog from Friday but I mentioned something about artist giving their entire project away. I understand the reasoning for it but I feel like I put everything into my album so if u support my music u r gonna purchase it. If u r intrigued by my music, u are gonna purchase it. I'm not saying that to be a asshole or a dickhead, but I feel like I'm worth that. If I don't feel I'm worth that, who else will?? I'm not gon tax yall on it but the price point will be reasonable. HeartBeat is the inner voice of everybody that is honest with themselves. Things aint sweet, but we want things to change. We all got dreams, and we all see our life how it could be. That's all I'm tryna get across with my project. I'm not bout to bull shit yall and act like my life is MTV when 90% of us aint living that. I'm not gonna be another Chicago artist with no identity and do what's hot. Ima do Pennjamin Bannekar. And if that aint good enough at the end of the day then fine... But I believe in my heart that my album is your voice."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lightbulb to Music Artists

I was on twitter browsing and I saw so many links to download people's music for free. That made me think... "Why are you giving your music away for free that you worked so hard on?" It doesn't make sense or cents people. Now, I know you gotta build your fan base and get people to know who you are and that's fine and dandy but at the end of the day are you only making music to give away for free? I think a lot of people need to examine their approach with their music. In most cases, you had to pay for studio time, you had to pay for some album cover artwork, and you probably had to buy a beat or two along the way. So you spent your time, effort, and hard earned money on your project only to turn around and give it away for free huh? Again, I understand the notion of gaining notoriety and building your fan base up but I think its time for artists to start valuing themselves and what they do.

You may take my advice or you may not take it but one thing I know is that my album HeartBeat won't be free. I value my time and effort that I put in. I won't charge an arm and a leg but I feel like people should pay me for my work because I'm worth that. How about you???

Fantasy Football

I don't know about y'all but I live and die with Fantasy Football and I encourage those that don't play to get in the game! Most leagues are free and if you are a fan of a NFL team that's probably not gonna do anything this year (like me being a fan of the Bears), it will keep you engaged in the NFL all season long. This is my 3rd year doing it and it's the best thing goin to me. Shoutout to whoever came up with this idea but please... don't pick the players I want so I can actually win my league this year! 1st time players that are swayed to play by this post can thank me later...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ESPN do better...

I was on ESPN.com yesterday and saw that there was an article about Tiger Woods ex wife speaking out for the first time in 9 months. My first thought was "who the fuck cares?". I mean seriously Elin, yeah, u got dooped into thinking your husband was a good guy while he was hittin everything that moved. But the facts still remain, you had 2 kids by him and you bout to get paid. So I'm sorry, nobody gives 2 shits about what you have to say. Just take your overwhelming settlement and peace out!

And ESPN... really??? This is what y'all choose to do a TV piece on? Y'all couldn't find anything about sports to talk about in this segment huh?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maybe It's Me...

Has there ever been a time that somebody has come to you telling you a story that you generally don't give 2 shits about hearing? I swear this happens to me everyday! I think I am a magnet for stories that dont have "nothing to do with nothing" but I always seem to get trapped listening to em. I just dont know how much more fake listening I can do people. Step yall story game up pronto!

Pennjamin Plans To

In the next several months I plan to take on a few different projects. My goal in this endeavor is to entertain people by different methods. You all know that I am completing the album HeartBeat right now, but I have a few other things up my sleeve that I am working on. Look for these things to come from the Pennjamin Bannekar/ILLwrite camp.

  1. HeartBeat (the album)

  2. Concerts

  3. Book entitled "Music Notes"

  4. Reality Webisodes

  5. Sitcom Webisodes

  6. ILLwrite Music Group (I have a few artists in mind for my indie label)

Stay tuned to the blog and my twitter for more updates regarding these coming projects. And if you haven't, sign up to my email mailing list today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Social Networking

Help me out people... why do people get on social networking sites and only talk to people that they already know and nobody else? What the hell is the point of that? If I wanted to talk to people I already know, why am I on the social networking site in the first place? I'm sure if I know these people in real life I can easily get in contact with these people via phone or text, right? Or maybe I just missed the boat. Maybe, I'm the only one that thinks you are supposed to network with people that you don't know b/c "hey maybe we can help each other out". Nah, I think I'm probably on the wrong boat and you are only supposed to just talk to people you know...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fat Albert Haynesworth

This guy just cant catch a break... First, you couldn't pass you conditioning test after you skipped the team's summer workouts b/c you were doing your own workout. Not to mention you had a hissy fit when the new coach changed the defense scheme. Then, not only did you fail the test the first 2 times you attempted it, but then your pride got hurt so you claimed your knee was messed up and you couldn't take the test for about 5 extra days. Now this muscle condition is threatening to make you miss some more practice time. I am glad you are not a skill player b/c you would not be on my fantasy football team at all. Good luck though.

Friday, August 20, 2010

NBA 2K11

If you are a video game fan like I am, and you love the Big Homie aka Michael Jordan like I do, then I'm sure you are just as excited about this as I am! I'm a huge sneakerhead and I hated in previous installments of the game they gave you wack Nikes and Air Jordans to outfit your players in. (I run with D-Wade and the Heat on 2K and being that he is the face of the Jordan brand right now you can see how this is a problem for me). But the NBA 2K11 producers finally came through for me this year.

"We have so many shoe heads into our game that when we put out our first trailer for 'NBA 2K11', people were doing freeze frames and capturing screen grabs of the Space Jam shoes he has on in the video." said Eric Boenisch. In all there are 40 shoes total in the game including 25 pairs of Air Jordans along with CP3s, Melo 5s and other shoes from the Jordan line to fill out the closet.

It's small details like this that make the game more accurate to me. Can't wait til Oct 5th!

Too Many "artists" Not Enough "fans"

I asked this question on my facebook and twitter yesterday evening just to somewhat gather some "data" on the topic before I wrote my post.

"How many rappers do u personally know? Better yet, how many people do u personally know that do music?"

And like I expected, everybody knows a bunch of so-called "rappers" and "artists". I'm sorry but that's just not how it should go. Just because you got a mic and some equipment at the crib doesn't mean you should rap, sing or do music. And friends of these people should start telling them they are wack because it's a lot of clutter out here to sift through. I know people got dreams and all that, that's fine, but at what point does a dream become a nightmare?

And because y'all are wack, y'all make it that much harder for the good people to get noticed. People are tired of coming across people that "do music". It's so cliche. I wish y'all would find a new fad to jump on so people can find and invest in the good artists.

Chris Shields "Make A Movie"

Just got a chance to peep some behind the scenes footage of Chris Shields' new video. The joint definitely looks official.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tiyana Payne

We don't have that many female emcees in the game worth listening to but Tiyana Payne definitely does not fit into that category. Check her website http://tiyanapayne.com/#/home and cop her album for only $5

Chicago Sports

I wont lie to you and tell you that I'm some big time hometown fan cuz I am certainly not. Up until very recently I was sayin "fuck the Bulls" (cuz they don't have MJ in a front office position but I backed off of those sentiments when they gave Scottie a small position), I could care less about the Sox, Cubs, and Blackhawks but I swear to God... Chicago sports always do you in!! The White Sox lost last night which means they are 5 games back now. The Bulls aint won since 98 the Blackhawks traded damn near everybody away on a "championship team" cuz they on some cheap shit. The Cubs need to just stop. I have nothing positive to say about them. And the Bears, well we got hope this year. The Bears are the only Chicago team I live and die with but I'd be shocked if we finish in front of the Vikings and Packers in the division. So Chicagoians might as well get ready for what we are always used to saying "maybe next year". GO HEAT!

Brett Favre (yet again...)

Is it me, or does anybody else feel like Brett Favre doesn't want to play this year?? Before I thought he was just puttin on this front to get attention but I really think he didn't want to come back this year. Nevertheless, we Bears fans will have to endure him one more year (we think).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the album is COMING SOON

Check out the single "Kool Aid" now for free


Ol boy they interviewed definitely snubbed me and forgot to mention me when he was on camera but it's all good...

John Travolta to play the lead role in Rod Blagojevich MOVIE

If you don't know Al Austin, get to know him ASAP! This is the funniest guy walking the planet right now. "G Rod looks like the LOVE CHILD of ELVIS PRESSLEY and JOHN TRAVOLTA! LOL"


I want to welcome everybody to the ILLwrite where we always keep it Ill, right?? With that said, we are goin to do some fresh and new things that the average blog doesn't. I got a few people helping me with the blog and you will get to know them over time. With that said, welcome and enjoy!