Music Notes

During that summer of transition, my home girls (they are basically family) Courtney and Ashley came up to visit from Texas for a few days and we decided to make a song.  To go back in the story, we made a song when I went down to Houston to visit them but it was a parody song (think Weird Al Yankovic) to Keith Sweat’s song “Twisted”.  It just so happened that when they came to visit this particular time, I had Puff Daddy’s (yeah, remember when that was his name?) CD single “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” which included the instrumental version of the song.  So I had the idea to make a “real” song and record it on my computer.  Courtney was with the idea and Ashley and my brother Cutta (Cutta was not his name at the time) kind of did their own thing as we begin to work on the song.  We stayed up all night jotting down alternate 8 bar verses and at the time thought that it was kind of “hot”.  You may be asking yourself do I still remember the song… “NO.” and if I did, I probably wouldn’t share because I know it’s wack (lol), especially compared to where I am now in my musical career.
            Shortly after Courtney returned to Texas, I went back to Hammond, Indiana to visit my grandma and grandfather as well as 2 of my best friends Sean and Dev like I did very often back in those days.  I once again brought the idea up to them of making a “real” song and they were with it and then I really began to indulge myself in writing and figuring out different ways to put rhymes together.  After all, it was new and it was fun.  It was like spending time with the pretty girl that you used to always see but never got to know, so naturally I wanted to spend all of my time with her.  My brother, Sean, Dev and myself began to record songs in my grandmother’s basement using a boom box, a microphone and my grandfather’s stereo.  Needless to say, the quality was horrible!  The mic picked up the music from the boom box, the person rapping on their verse (not to mention the loud thump of passing the microphone back and forth between each other when it was our turn), and any other miscellaneous noise that was made during the “recording session”.  I must admit, I can only laugh when I think about the studios that I record in now compared to my grandma’s basement but hey… you gotta start somewhere right?