Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Watch the Throne (The Penn Review)

I knew that when this album dropped that it was no way it could be what I "wanted" it to be so with that in mind, I began listening to this album with no expectations. I loved the beat and hook on "No Church In the Wild" but there were parts in the song that lost me. They could have kept "Lift Off" b/c I wasnt feeling that one at all. I think "Ni**as in Paris" is my hands down favorite and I can easily see that joint gettin the most rotation in my iPod. Otis was a failure to me from the moment that it dropped a few weeks ago on the radio. I was feelin "Gotta Have It" while "New Day" and "That's My Bitch" didnt do anything for me. "Welcome to the Jungle" was a yawner for me as well but they got me back with "Who Gon Stop Me" and "Murder to Excellence". The last two joints appeared to be filler joints to me at first but I really felt what they were saying in "Made in America" and "Why I Love You".

Lyrically, Jay dropped a few gems that I had to run back and Kanye had a few clever lines but I think Kanye is crossing over into a lane where he entertains me as opposed to inspiring me these days. Overall I would give this album a 3.5/5.

P.S. I really bought this album off of iTunes lol

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