Monday, November 14, 2011

the Best (Bankrupt)

It's only right to have a picture of my favorite stripper, Diamond if I'm talking about a stripper, right? LOL
They say sex sells/
But as sexy as you are I wonder whats your price tag darling/
I'll write checks hell.../
What's money if it keep you dancing/
What's money if we start romancing/
So i keep comin out my pocket its like i feel compelled/
With the way we gelled/
I know u using me but fuck it, i dont give a damn/
Here's for another lap dance/
Outbidding others with cash/
I'll give it to u all night in exchange for just one lil grab/

Strip, strip, take it off, pick it up/
Girl u gettin money and i see what its from/
You got me fillin bankrupt, aint the somethin/
The way u gettin money outta me like a atm machine/
And all im sayin is take it/
You got me sayin just take it/
Cuz the way u move when u naked/
Is somethin else/
Girl u gettin money and its because u the best/

verse 2
Fallin for u so hard, got me goin "oh God"/
Can i get u in the champagne room at no charge/
I been here for so long/
I feel like drake cuz i'm so far gone/
I feel i aint ever gon leave this club/
The way u work the pole and wind and roll/
Got my wallet open like it dont know, how to close/
Fellas i am warning you to watch out for this lady/
Cuz if u run into her she gon get u for ur paper/

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