Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Wondering...

As Beyonce is getting ready to release her 4th album this summer I began to wonder about the thought process of creating your next album and how it differs from R&B/pop acts to hip hop acts. I've long said that singers have a easier road when it comes to this overall music grind in general, but this is a new dynamic I didn't previously realize before. I would argue that R&B/Pop acts don't have to show growth from album to album. They can sing about love until they're blue in the face and no one cares. Their subject matter is far more limited than hip hop. I feel as though a hip hop artist has to dig and create new and original masterpieces every time he or she goes into the studio to record an album. Let's face it, hip hop is judged harder than R&B/Pop and the shelf life of a hip hop artist vs. R&B/Pop artist is exponentially shorter. Feel free to disagree with me, but how many hip hop artists have had a sub par 2nd effort and gotten criticized for it where as a R&B/Pop artist may get a pass for a sub par sophomore album?

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  1. These are the 3 types of r&b songs i love/ I hate u/ and let's fuck that's it well r.Kelly might throw an inspirational song in there but thats it hip hop can't be consistent like that jeezy made for albums about trapping and look what happen dmx made several album about ruff riding and he doesn't exist 50 cent made 2 albums I think about thugging then he tried something new and bye bye 50 musically if emeinem wasn't white he'd been gone from hip hop his color is what's keeping him relevant