Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The debut solo album of Pennjamin Bannekar has finally arrived. The much anticipated work has been in the making for the last year and has the finally launched today,May 3rd 2011. The success of the current single "ILLwrite" which can be seen on MTVU among other video channels, has many people waiting to see what the member of Project: Fr3sh can do alone. The album has a depth of range yet centers on the person Pennjamin has become through the journey of life. Producers such as Best Kept Secret helped shape the feel of the album which also boast features from Chicago's new school hip hop artist such as Omen and Phil G who give a standout performance on "Counterfeit." "Fast Cars" is a lyrical second to none but one of the most creative ways to talk about sex. HeartBeat is available on iTunes, Amazon and pennandpencil.com now!

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