Friday, May 27, 2011

Tip My Hat to the Bulls...

All BS aside, the Bulls had a great year. I will not pretend that I like the Bulls at all because I don't and I wont get into why but I do think that I am a pretty objective person when watching the games. I have to honor what the Bulls did by winning 62 games this year and having the best record in the league. Despite his performance as of late, I do think Derrick Rose is the MVP. Trust me Bulls fans, I understand yall pain right now because I would rather the Heat lose to anybody but the Bulls and yall probably feel the exact opposite. The Bulls will be a team that the Heat will have to contend with for the next few years and I'm not excited about that at all but congrats to the TRUE Bulls fans b/c yall had a great season!

P.S. I tweeted the following on Mar 28 and I been sayin it since Jan 15 after the first Bulls/Heat game this season:


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