Thursday, May 5, 2011


Before you read the following you should know that I'm a diehard Heat fan but I'm a part time ESPN NBA analyst...

As I was checking everybody's tweets and facebook pages for the last few days, mainly Lakers and Celtics fans, it hit me... "Why is everybody writing them off so early?" Does your hate for these two teams make you so eager to forget what they have done since the 08-09 season? The Lakers have one of the best players to play the game on their squad and they are playing the Mavs who have repeatedly choked since the 06 Finals. Yeah, they are up 2-0 on the Lakers but do you really think they are going to beat the Lakers?? Can you really close your eyes and imagining it happening?

As far as the Celtics are concerned... As much as its gonna hurt me to say this, I have to say it; but all Miami did was win 2 home games. THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! Yes, the Heat looked great in those 2 games and the Celtics looked like an old washed up shell of their former self, but I have watched the Heat all year (NBA League Pass) and I'm telling y'all that the Heat struggle in spots like this. They have not shown that they have a killer instinct yet and that makes me believe their series with Boston is far from over!

So stop letting your hate hide the truth from your eyes! Both teams are down 0-2 but it is by no means "OVER"!

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  1. yesir!! fully agree with both. if my celtics lose game 3 it's over, right now all miami did was take care of home court and them playing at the best there boston was still within 5 till the fouling moments the last 2mins for ft's.