Thursday, May 19, 2011

East Finals & Annoying Excuses

Its no secret that I am a Miami Heat fan living in Chicago so I enjoy the trash talking that people do with me via Twitter and Facebook before the games. That's all fine and well. What's weak is when people make excuses for their team. I for one, don't do that. For example, my tweet after Game 1 was the following:I had so many people after the game talking about:Yes, I was talking trash before the game but after it was over I had to own up to my team being whooped in Game 1. But whether you lose by 1 or 200 it still only counts as one loss in the series but I was sensing that Bulls fans didnt see it that way. Check the following example after the Bulls lost Game 2:You dont get a gold star for losing by 10 or 21. You get a big FAT "L" and at this point both teams have one. So my PSA to Bulls fans is don't get too far ahead of yourself cuz of what you thought you knew after the first game. As a Heat fan I KNOW that going into each game. I KNOW its just one game that could go either way. This is going to be a long series and if you want to talk trash, fine be my guest. But when you lose, don't be a bitch about it and make excuses. You lost and move on to the next game!

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