Friday, August 20, 2010

Too Many "artists" Not Enough "fans"

I asked this question on my facebook and twitter yesterday evening just to somewhat gather some "data" on the topic before I wrote my post.

"How many rappers do u personally know? Better yet, how many people do u personally know that do music?"

And like I expected, everybody knows a bunch of so-called "rappers" and "artists". I'm sorry but that's just not how it should go. Just because you got a mic and some equipment at the crib doesn't mean you should rap, sing or do music. And friends of these people should start telling them they are wack because it's a lot of clutter out here to sift through. I know people got dreams and all that, that's fine, but at what point does a dream become a nightmare?

And because y'all are wack, y'all make it that much harder for the good people to get noticed. People are tired of coming across people that "do music". It's so cliche. I wish y'all would find a new fad to jump on so people can find and invest in the good artists.

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