Monday, August 30, 2010

In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it last night, I took to my twitter to vent/explain my upcoming album HeartBeat.

"But back to what I was sayin. The next topic was the album... I put a lot of time and effort into this album and I really dug to get past the surface. I didn't want to create a typical rap album. Meaning I didn't wanna talk about money hoes and cars. I wanted 2 show ppl who I really was & what makes me tick. So when I talk about $ I'm talkin about being broke & trying to better myself. I wanna get $ to improve my situation. I'm having a hella time with my BM right now & the only way to fix that situation is with money. Cuz I wanna get a top notch lawyer to put on her ass. I aint tryna keep goin thru the BS she puts me thru. I wanna get $ cuz I know its gon help ppl like @BigNateWill who been strugglin tryin to help me achieve this dream. Hell, if it wasn't for @Duranj my album wouldn't even be possible! So I owe them more than a typical rap album. I owe them more than a project that ppl will skim thru & delete 4rm their ipod after 1 listen. I'm tellin yall. I been thru so many emotions, trials & tribulations while creating this album. I aint never felt this way about nothin b4. I seriously considered quittin after I was done with the album about a month ago. I mean, can u imagine walkin away from something u love after doing it day in and day out for about 10 years? I was at that point b/c my responsibilities are changing as I get older. And as a Dad you get to a point where you have to ask yourself... "When is it time to focus on taking the 'sure' way out to make sure they are taken care of?" Feelings like that spawned songs like "Is It Too Late" & "Dear Public". Then just examining what the music "buying" public listens to & comparing that to what my album is inspired "Kool Aid" & "Show Business". Every song on HeartBeat is a statement to my view on what I'm going thru and what I see and my struggle. Hell, I even got a verse on a joint called "ILLwrite" talkin about uninformed ppl who try and debate about Illuminati. Idk if yall saw my blog from Friday but I mentioned something about artist giving their entire project away. I understand the reasoning for it but I feel like I put everything into my album so if u support my music u r gonna purchase it. If u r intrigued by my music, u are gonna purchase it. I'm not saying that to be a asshole or a dickhead, but I feel like I'm worth that. If I don't feel I'm worth that, who else will?? I'm not gon tax yall on it but the price point will be reasonable. HeartBeat is the inner voice of everybody that is honest with themselves. Things aint sweet, but we want things to change. We all got dreams, and we all see our life how it could be. That's all I'm tryna get across with my project. I'm not bout to bull shit yall and act like my life is MTV when 90% of us aint living that. I'm not gonna be another Chicago artist with no identity and do what's hot. Ima do Pennjamin Bannekar. And if that aint good enough at the end of the day then fine... But I believe in my heart that my album is your voice."

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