Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chicago Sports

I wont lie to you and tell you that I'm some big time hometown fan cuz I am certainly not. Up until very recently I was sayin "fuck the Bulls" (cuz they don't have MJ in a front office position but I backed off of those sentiments when they gave Scottie a small position), I could care less about the Sox, Cubs, and Blackhawks but I swear to God... Chicago sports always do you in!! The White Sox lost last night which means they are 5 games back now. The Bulls aint won since 98 the Blackhawks traded damn near everybody away on a "championship team" cuz they on some cheap shit. The Cubs need to just stop. I have nothing positive to say about them. And the Bears, well we got hope this year. The Bears are the only Chicago team I live and die with but I'd be shocked if we finish in front of the Vikings and Packers in the division. So Chicagoians might as well get ready for what we are always used to saying "maybe next year". GO HEAT!

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