Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NBA ELITE 11 Delayed

I downloaded the NBA Elite 11 demo this past weekend................ When I tell you that NBA Live 09 is better than that, I mean it!!! That game is pure trash! I couldn't play more than 2 trips down the floor cuz it was that bad. But apparently I am not the only one that thinks the game is trash. EA sports is reportedly delaying the game til next year because of the many flaws within the game. When I heard this I instantly "laughed out loud" because they just cant keep up with the NBA 2K series. Then I thought, how bad must a game be for you to delay the game an entire year? Remember, I only played the demo and that has limited game modes. The bottom line is, the EA sports basketball series is for people that can't hoop or have no idea of how to hoop in real life! 2K for life!

Check the link for the official word from EA

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