Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Me and my brother (@cuttapacman) always play the season mode religiously on a few games every year for braggin rights. We play Madden, NCAA Football, NBA 2K, and College Basketball if it comes out. Usually the way it shakes down is I win on the football games and he beats me on the basketball games. I am changing that this year! I have been playing with the Heat on 2K since Shaq Diesel was my center and I haven't managed to beat Cutta and the rest of his Lakers squad yet. But needless to say, I ain't had no team in the last few years but now I got Bron & Bosh on my squad and I'm killin! I (Heat) started out 6-0 while Cutta (Lakers) tripped out of the blocks to a 2-3 start. Currently I'm 9-2 and he is 8-3. I'll keep y'all posted on who wins the title.

Oh yeah, we play all 82 games on 11 min quarters. No simulation here!

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