Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heat Impressions

That game went pretty much as I expected. I didn't think Miami was gon win b/c they simply haven't had enough "in game time" together. Whereas the core on the Celtics been together 3 years. Now, if Miami loses tonight to the 76ers, then that will shock me. Quite honestly, I would have been shocked if they pulled out the W last night. I'm glad DWade was able to make it through the game injury free (although rusty as hell). The Celtics are closer to 100% than the Heat and they only lost by 8. I'll take it.

What did blow me was that I told some people that I thought were "sports fans" that I thought Miami was gonna lose last night. They jumped on me talking about I'm supposed to be ride or die for the Heat. So by that logic you are tellin me to be stupid and think they are gonna go 82-0??? I consider myself a part time analyst for ESPN, I have to take in all accounts when predicting outcomes. That don't mean I love my team any less and I still got them getting to the Finals and winning if they got home court. Never mind... y'all just want me to be punch drunk in love with the Heat and think they gon go 81-1 (since last nites lost).

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  1. Its not gone I'm telling y'all lebron and Wade gone bump heads its only a matter of time they both have similar games where they need the ball and its only one and they better hope bosh don't get upset with not touching the ball